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Customer First Branding

A general rule to branding is to determin how others see your company. This is including employees as well. If the employees don't understand your branding how will others looking from the outside be able to understand.


A good way to build a happy customer base is to to never describe them as just accounts, make it more personable and look at them as valued customers to you company. With out them you wouldn't have a company. Disguising the way you see customers is very obvious and the customer base will see that. Start off by building a very personal connect with your customers. Here are some ways to make the customer feel more like a valued member of your company:


1. Be sure be personal on all levels of media including your invoices, such as "Thank you John Doe for your recent order!". To simply just have an invoice which says "You payment is due" is not going to make the customer feel as though they are valued.


2. Brand your company as a happy, energetic, and helpful. The use of proper greetings such as "Thank you for calling XYZ Company, This is (NAME), how can I help you today?" will defiantly push your company brand in to the right direction.


3. Humans in general prefer to get the information they want fast and without effort. Making sure your company achieves this through all forms of literature and media will help build a branding of a organize well oil machine. Don't make customers have to ravage through loads of information to find one thing and be sure to set your telephone recording to do the same.


These simple 1,2,3 steps are just the tip of the iceberg for creating a customer first brand.